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The Monday Club

The Monday Club is an exclusive networking club based in New York. The Monday Club was established in 2009 and there have been more than 50 prominent speakers throughout the years. Most events are focused on the financial services sector or geopolitical events. The next Monday Club event is still to be determined.

Advisory Services

Global Growth Advisory Growth LLC offers executive advisory services to global clients focused on developing and implementing a growth strategy. We work closely with clients to set up an implementation plan to create efficiencies, improve margins and grow the business. We have done this successfully with premier clients in the U.S. and in Europe for more than a decade.

Global Growth Advisory Group LLC is a New York based advisory and networking organization. The prime purpose is to build connections and to form long term relationships, business opportunities and to work closely with clients to improve business performance and set the stage for growth. We focus on transformational and sustainable changes and can help you grow your business and grow your life. We have experience with a number of financial service firms in the US and in Europe and we are expanding globally. Our focus is to work closely with our clients, to be part of developing and implementing the strategy based on best practice, lessons learned and suitable bespoke solutions. We are working to create a bigger vision, to reach the next level and to grow.

The Monday Club is an informal networking club and is part of the overall Global Growth Advisory Group LLC umbrella. We organize stimulating and interesting speaking sessions and panel discussions, primarily in New York. Most of our speakers are from the financial service industry and we have had speakers from a number of top firms such as the Blackstone Group, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, HSBC and AllianceBernstein to mention a few. We have created a strong and active global network of executives through the Monday Club. It is also an opportunity for up and coming firms to present their vision and to build new business relationships. We have proven success and have been able to create business opportunities, help people find the right job and been able to create a forum for dialogues and networking.