Biden – a very angry comeback kid?

The annual state of the union speech just took place in congress and Biden received positive reviews from mainstream media and his supporters. The bar was set low given that Biden normally is relatively inarticulate, reclusive, don’t give many interviews, and spends much time away from Washington DC. He come up swinging in an unusually bipartisan speech for being a state of the union speech. He is an old man with much plastic surgery, but he did come out like a boxer, and he did go for it. This must be admired.

Biden proved his opponents wrong as he had focus and above all, a healthy dose of energy, in particular for an 81-year-old. Since Trump entered politics, the tone has gotten rude, nasty, and vulgar, and Biden followed the same recipe as Trump, and he was an angry rude man. But wisely, his speech was aimed at highlighting the weaknesses of the republican party and Trump.

Given Biden’s abysmal polling numbers, the lowest in his presidency, he needs to go on the offensive. If Biden has any chance at all of prevailing in November, it will be because he made a persuasive case that he is the right choice. He opened up his speech by arguing that the U.S. has an obligation to itself and its principles to continue to help Ukraine. This make little or no sense as Biden’s interest is NATO eastward expansion and helping the military-industrial complex to expand its business. Wasting taxpayer’s money does not seem to be a concern, but this certainly concerns the republicans and most voters. He has been criticized for his chaotic foreign policy from Ukraine, Afghanistan, the Middle East and South America.

Biden then turned to domestic politics and to the threat of democracy that he believes Trump represents and talk about the January 6th riot. This is a very good talking point for the democrats as nobody wants to see scenes like that again. This will continue to help Biden in the upcoming elections as the footages are strong and fearful and will make an impact. Smart move and clearly relevant. This might help Biden from another perspective too. Despite Trump’s advantage with the voters on nearly every major polling issue, Trump’s ego and tendency to self-destruction will not allow him to stop insisting that he won the 2020 presidential election. It is time to move on from that. Voters do not want to hear about that again.

Finally, Biden rounded out his topics by railing against the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization and the GOP efforts to restrict abortion. This is a huge topic and a large majority of voters, in particular women, are supporting to abortion right. Biden and the democrats are wise to keep emphasizing the difference between the parties on the abortion right issue. This could become the most important issue in November and if that is the case, Biden has a good chance to win again. Republicans have yet to craft a coherent, compassionate pro-life message that satisfies core constituencies they will need the support of to win the election. Maybe that message can not be formulated properly. Regardless, the fact is that a majority of voters support abortion rights.

Biden was also smart not to mention the economy or the so called Bidenomics. There is nobody who thinks Biden is doing a good job with the economy and in this area, Trump has a large advantage, so Biden cleverly avoided the topic. Biden’s speech was something of a comeback. He came out swinging, he insulted, he was nasty and angry, and he sounded coherent for once. Biden seems to be a very angry man and it will likely be one of the nastiest elections in modern history.

Biden has broad support from mainstream media, tech firms, the powerful military, the intelligence community and from about half of the voters. It could be another close election, but Biden did a smart move and brought up two important matters to be considered by the voters. January 6th and the threat to democracy and, in particular, the matter of abortion rights. Biden might have started a much-needed comeback.

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