Biden’s Israel dilemma

Most Jewish voters in the U.S. are firmly democratic voters and the party gets about 70-80% of the Jewish voting block regardless of who the candidate is. Maybe the reason is that traditionally the democratic party is more on the left side, a social democratic version in the U.S., and a party with global and international views.

Many Jews have roots in more liberal or left-wing ideas such as socialist, anarchist and communist movements associated with cosmopolitanism. The Jewish support for the democratic party and for Biden is strong and polls find that U.S. Jews overwhelmingly back Biden over Trump in a 2024 rematch. The conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas has actually brought the two countries closer as the U.S. has continued funding Israel and has been a strong supporter of the continued killings of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Ever since the 1948 birth of Israel, American presidents have tried to avoid politics that could jeopardize the nation’s existence. Through the years, Obama must be ranked as the president most hostile towards Israel and with a focus on closer ties to Iran. Biden went down the same path as Obama, but the Hamas attack in October has changed the direction of the military-industrial complex including Biden and they are now firmly behind Israel. It seems that if the U.S. put to much daylight between Israel and itself, some of the Muslim neighbors would move to attack Israel. This has been a day-to-day reality since 1948 and remains true today. This is despite Israel’s powerful military and despite its treaties with Egypt and Jordan and the Abraham Accords, in which four Muslim nations recognized Israel and established commercial, diplomatic and security relations. Those breakthroughs did not end the existential threat to Israel because the goal has been taken up by Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and numerous other terror groups, all supported by Iran.

Biden’s dilemma with continued support for Israel is that his international status as an international leader is damaged as few or no other country supports Israel’s continued killings. He is also creating major concerns among liberal and progressive Americans. This is a strong and powerful part of the democratic party. Biden is also rapidly losing American Muslim voters. This is becoming a problem for Biden given the small margins in the upcoming November election.

As a result, Biden has recently started pushing Israel for a ceasefire in Gaza and to accept the creation of a Palestinian state. Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu is strongly objecting to both ideas. Besides, he strongly dislikes Biden, and the feelings are mutual. Biden is trying to sweeten the deal with the idea of Saudi Arabia and Israel normalization. The Saudis would be awarded with American civilian nuclear technology and a promise of military protection.

Biden aims to get all this done by the summer so he can run as the president who stopped the war in Gaza, brough the Saudis and Israelis together and created a Palestinian state. This is highly unlikely though. For Israel, the idea of a Palestinian state on its borders is wildly premature without the total destruction of Hamas. Even then, a separate state is unthinkable without a Palestinian constituency for a peaceful two-state solution. Who would even control a new Palestinian state? Iran has gained more power in the Middle East in recent years, and they would likely get involved in a future Palestinian state. Continued U.S. appeasement towards Iran will also in the future make the Middle East full of conflicts and wars.

Biden is not going after Iran though as he does not want to widen the conflict in the Middle East. In order to show that he is not only supporting Israel, but also working on a cease fire and he ordered sanctions against Israeli settlers he said committed violence against Palestinians in the West Bank territories. This violence is not new though and part of Israel’s organized apartheid politics against Palestinians.

Biden’s vision for a separate Palestinian state would include Gaza and most if not all of the West Bank, although it is not clear what would happen to the almost 500,000 Israeli settlers who have move into the occupied areas. It is also not clear what would happen with Jerusalem as both Jews and Palestinians declare it their capital.

Biden will continue to try to find peace solutions in the Middle East and at the same time support Israel militarily and financially. He needs to get the far-left voters and the American Muslim voters back in the democrats’ corner though and will therefore continue to come up with plans to help the Palestinians. Reports say Biden also wants the UN to admit Palestine as a full member instead of just an observer and plans to encourage other nations to recognize it immediately. Endless words and promises, but as long as the Biden administration quietly watches women, children and elderly being killed by Israeli troops in Gaza, many voters will not be fooled.

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