Climate change

There are many aspects of the ongoing global climate change and what governments are doing to find solutions. The list is long but to mention a few: ending our reliance on fossil fuels, greater energy efficiency, more use of renewable energy, better forestry management and sustainable agriculture, climate friendly industrial solutions and so forth.
The U.S. is increasingly focused on the climate change problem and the budget provides $16.5 billion to support climate science and clean energy innovation, including $5.1 billion to fund a broad portfolio of research to improve understanding of our changing climate and inform adaptation and resilience measures across multiple agencies,
It is positive that the U.S. government is taken the matter seriously and allocate funds. Most Americans seems to be concerned about the environment and are willing to go green and take measures to reduce pollution and to find innovative solutions such as solar energy and electric cars.

Biden appointed the former presidential candidate John Kerry to serve as the administration’s “Climate Czar”. Kerry has been in his role since January 2021, and he reports directly to the president. Kerry is jetting around the world to explain to other people why the U.S. is the leading nation in the global climate fight. He was in Davos earlier this year where he likened his crusade against the climate crisis to the Allies’ fight against the Nazis in World War II. Kerry tends to appear out of the blue and he even showed up with Biden in Mexico earlier this year as the president’s right-hand man. Biden has often talked of Kerry as his best friend.

In a recent congressional hearing, Kerry was called in for questions. He appeared unhappy to be asked about his special Czar role and what he is actually doing. For the last 2 ½ years in the role all we know is that Kerry has a budget of $16.7 million per year to run his czardom. Nobody knows how many staffers he actually has working for him, but the proposed staff level is 45 people. Kerry was not very forthcoming in detailing who is working in his team, although he did mention two staff members: Rick Duke and Sue Biniaz. In the hearing, the issue of the Kerry family’s private jet came up. Is it right that the designated Climate Czar should fly around in a private jet polluting the air? Kerry had no response.
There is undoubtedly something comical in having a secretive climate office of 45 people or so led by a mega wealthy politician, a Climate Czar, who spends his time jetting the globe to talk about the global climate crisis. It is unclear what he or his office actually do except giving informational speeches.

Climate change is here to stay regardless of Kerry or partisanship and political drama in Washington DC. There are significant efforts being made by the government and even more by the private sector to find smart and innovative solutions that are green and friendly to the environment. This trend will continue and grow. The Climate Czar Kerry adds little or no value, but Kerry pointed out in the congressional hearing that his office is the same size as the office set up to defeat ISIS. So it must be important.

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