Southern border mess

To increase immigration has been one of president Biden’s main focus areas during his presidency. Weeks after his inauguration, Biden started issuing executive orders to open the southern border for illegal immigrants. The border crisis is not a product of circumstances or policy mistakes but is a carefully laid out and executed plan by the Biden administration.

Immigration was dealt with as a matter of urgency and one of the most important issues for the Biden administration to enhance lawful pathways for migration. Biden immediately revoked a slew of Trump rules, executive orders, proclamations, and memoranda. The Biden policy called for getting more refugees in the U.S., using parole to let more migrants join family members here, enhancing access to visa programs and reviewing whether the U.S. is doing enough for migrants fleeing domestic or gang violence, among other things.

Biden canceled several Trump policies such as the Migrant Protection Protocols, better known as Remain in Mexico, and the safe-third-country agreements with the Northern Triangle countries that allowed the U.S. to divert asylum-seekers to Central American countries other than their own to make asylum claims. Secretary of state Anthony Blinken even moved expeditiously only a few weeks after Biden’s inauguration, Blinken announced the end of the Trump administration asylum agreements.

Suddenly, within weeks of the inauguration, the controls of the border were demolished. The new and sudden open-border policy let in a massive inflow of people into the U.S. This is a stark reminder that the current chaos at the southern border is the product of deliberate policy. This policy can play an outsized role in the upcoming election as millions of immigrations have impacted many cities and states throughout the country.

On top of the southern border open policy, the Biden administration has used secretive flight to transport migrants into the U.S., adding to the massive influx at the southern border. Last year alone, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) approved flights that transported 320,000 illegal immigrants from foreign countries into at least 43 different U.S. airports. The CBP operation is part of the administration’s lawful pathways strategy and the countries whose citizens are eligible for these flights are Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Columbia, and Ecuador. The U.S. demography is rapidly changes. In 1980, 80% of the population was white, today it is less than 60% and is projected to be a minority by 2045. The Hispanic group is growing the most and the fastest.

As millions of new immigrants are pouring into the U.S., there have been several consequences such as high crime rates, more gang creations, higher expenses for cities and states by the billions, challenges to integrate new people and a growing number of homeless. To some extent, this is a humanitarian crisis unfolding, but it is being done deliberately by the Biden administration. As a progressive globalist, immigration is part of the national solution and open borders are welcome in contrast to a conservative nationalist, preferring to reduce immigration. However, the main reason for Biden’s open border policy is a long-term strategy to grow the democratic party voter base in the U.S. The only way to do that is to grow the U.S. population and most minorities are democrats, so by bringing more non-white immigrants into the U.S., the democrats will have a bigger chance to win elections in the future.  

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