The Hunter Biden distraction trial

It might be easy to understand that Hunter Biden is a troubled soul with a history of drug use and criminal behaviors. After all, his mother, sister, and brother have all died under tragic circumstance. Currently, Hunter Biden is on trial in his home state Delaware. He was indicted on three felony gun charges in September after a proposed plea deal with federal prosecutors unraveled. He is accused of illegally purchasing and possessing a gun while he was addicted to crack cocaine. Federal law prohibits users of illegal drugs from owning firearms.

Prosecutors allege the president’s son lied about his drug use on a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives form when he bought a revolver, speed loader and ammunition in October 2018. Frankly, who wouldn’t? Biden owned the Colt Cobra .38 handgun for 11 days before his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, with whom he was romantically involved at the time, found it in the console of his truck and discarded it in a trash can outside a grocery store. The case against Hunter Biden almost seems absurd, but these are the laws. Instead, it is a miracle that he is clean and sober and doing well. He even sells his paintings and has so far sold his art for about $1.5 million. So why on earth is this so-called gun trial even going on?

The reason for this rather macabre trial about drugs and a gun might be that this sideshow trial diverts the country and public gaze from far larger and more serious corruption. While Special Counsel David Weiss and by extension Attorney General Merrick Garland will play this trial as the Biden Justice Department’s pursuit of even the president’s son without fear or favor, it is no such thing. This trial is carefully orchestrated and regardless of outcome, it fills the purpose of distracting the American voters of serious crimes committed by the Biden family.

Government-friendly media have reported that Joe Biden is concerns about the case, making this a touching story about a father’s love for his troubled son, turning the Bidens not only into potentially sympathetic characters, but victims. Even a guilty verdict may lose on appeal, by using as a defense a pro-Second Amendment Supreme Court ruling.

The background to the trial is that for years, key players in the Justice Department and the FBI systematically sabotaged the real case against Hunter Biden. Prosecutors and investigators ignored or declined to pursue evidence of Hunter Biden’s crimes and misconduct, ranging from bribes in China and Ukraine, violations against the Foreign Agent Registration Act and tax evasion. Prosecutors even let the statues of limitation lapse on material offenses most intricately linked to then-Vice President Biden and his family. There are numerous details on criminal activities abroad, primarily in Ukraine, China and Iraq, involving several members of the Biden family. In every situation where Biden was the point man for the Obama administration’s policy toward a country, he ended up making millions of dollars.

Seen in this light, the current trail is clearly a fig leaf aim at rehabilitating the Justice Department while putting Hunter Biden before the most hospitable jury.

The real story about Hunter Biden is not about drugs, whores, guns and tax evasion. The real story about Hunter Biden is that he is an active participant in a family operating a global international influence peddling business and the government-wide effort to cover it up. It is all interesting though as it is another American political corruption drama.

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