Trump’s clever abortion move

Abortion rights have been considered a political triumph card for the democrats in the November elections as a vast majority of voters, including independents, women and young people, support abortion rights. This has been a dilemma for many republicans as they will likely lose votes if they demand a national abortion ban. This issue will be an important election issue, but not as important as expected as Trump declined to endorse a national abortion ban, instead saying that laws regulating the procedure should be left to the 50 states.

This is a clever move by Trump as he needs votes from moderates, independents, and women to secure the presidency. Conservatives are fuming and feel betrayed by Trump as the abortion issue is likely the most important issue for them. At this point, Trump is not spending time trying to gain conservative or religious votes or looking for a VP like Mike Pence, as he already has their votes. There is no way a conservative would vote for Joe Biden, likely the most far left and most anti-Christian president in history.

Trump did not specify after how many weeks of pregnancy he believes abortion should be banned but mentioned that different states will have different rules depending on how conservative the state is. This view is in line with that of the supreme court that in 2022 overturned the Roe v. Wade federal abortion right. The ruling took the abortion power out of federal hands and brought it into each state.

Trump also reiterated his previously stated support for exceptions to abortion bans in cases of incest, rape and when the life of the mother is in danger and backed the availability of in vitro fertilization. Trump shows that it is important to follow your heart and sends a message to keep states as deciders in abortion rules, but also sends a message that despite not endorsing a national abortion ban, he is pro-life. His focus is to win the election in November and in order to do that, he needs to win votes from independents and from women.

Trump’s abortion statement took the democrats by surprise. They had expected him to go the conservative path and they had prepared to make abortion a key election issue. It will still become an issue as the democrats are for a return to a protected federal abortion law, whereas the moderate republicans want a status quo with each state deciding. The more conservative republicans want a national abortion ban. Trump is likely in a minority in his own party on this topic, but most republicans realize that to beat Biden, they must accept Trump’s path.

Maybe Trump is learning and becoming less self-destructive, and he is starting to make smarter decisions. He would benefit from toning down the J6 and election steal rhetoric too. Once the debates with Biden will take place, he should also let Biden talk instead of constantly interrupting him. The more Biden speaks, the more confused he seems, and this will help Trump too. The democrats had hoped for a national abortion ban debate, but it will not happen. They will continue to try to stop Trump by any means, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to see how Joe Biden can win the presidency in November.   

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